Biography of Artist Cheryl Flemming

Cheryl Flemming's work shows a collection of oil paintings exhibiting a delightful use of light and colour and bold expression. Her expression can be described as spontaneous and thoughtful at the same time. Unique interpretations of the rugged Prospect Nova Scotia coastal area, the desert and coastal regions of California and a wide range of floral and figurative subject material provide her inspirations for painting. In addition, Cheryl creates dynamic and artful abstracts.

Professional Development

While she considered formal training at an art school, she eventually chose to study Architecture in Halifax, Nova Scotia, graduating later with a Degree in Architecture and pursuing a career as a Professional Architect for several years. Painting was always a serious interest and activity throughout her life and she found that the two disciplines of art and architecture complemented each other nicely. Through her studies and practice as an Architect, Cheryl developed and honed her skills in the principals of design, which informed and improved her parallel studies and work in oil painting.

Spring Blooms, shown here at the
LPAPA Exhibition at the Forest
and Ocean Gallery, Laguna Beach

"At this time in my life, I designed architecture primarily for others but my painting was for me, and provided a deliciously freeing activity for exploring. It was a wonderful interplay as architecture provided the discipline of a framework for form, structure, and line from which I could move into more expansive and dynamic forms of expression in my painting. It was a marriage of body and soul."

A third passionate interest and outlet for Cheryl which influenced her artistic development was her experience in competitive Ballroom Dancing for close to ten years. Studying with world class trainers and coaches in Halifax, London, England and Montreal, she connected with a passion for movement, musicality and drama, which has also influenced her artwork over the years.

Cheryl has had training from well known artists such as David Lussier, Connecticut, Terry Masters, Palm Springs California, Colin Page, Maine and Joe Paquet of Minnenapolis. She has also taken painting classes at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and from local internationally known artists such as William Rogers. She has achieved recognition in painting being juried into an exhibitions at the Lunenburg Art Gallery, Swoon Fine Art Juried events and recently into an exhibit sponsored by the Laguna Plein Air Artists Association in California and shown at the Forest and Ocean Gallery in Laguna Beach.

Current influences

Presently, Cheryl's focus is shared between plein air and landscape work of the local area and studio work embodying a wider range of expression and subject matter.

Landscape and Plein Air Work

Since moving to her current home on the ocean in Prospect, Nova Scotia and spending some winter months in California, Cheryl has fallen in love with the landscapes and nature in these two parts of the world. Equipped with her portable plein air painting gear and with her husband Clary, on their boat, My Sea Bear, they explore the beautiful coastline of Nova Scotia and stop to paint and enjoy these special remote places. In California, Cheryl has plein air painted the areas of Monterey/Carmel, Palm Springs, Catalina Island and the Newport Beach/Laguna Beach.

Studio Work

In the studio, Cheryl creates work based not only on local landscapes but also creative expressions of diverse themes and interests.

"I like to create a work that inspires a broader perspective while at the same time providing a sense and comfort from pleasant memories."

The studio work is less about exact replication of a scene or subject but more of a personal and unique interpretation of a memory, thought or impression. This idea can be expressed in a range of expressions from representational to abstract. The goal, however, is the same whether a plein air piece or an abstract. The works are meant to uplift and inspire the viewer thereby bringing positive energy into their personal environments.


Bachelor of Arts, Dalhousie University
Bachelor of Environmental Design, TUNS
Bachelor of Architecture, TUNS


Lunenburg Art Gallery
Peggy's Cove Festival of the Arts Society
Desert Art Center, Palm Springs
LPAPA (Laguna Plein Air Painters)
The California Art Club
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

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