Artist's Statement

People are inspired and uplifted by beauty, nature and a positive vision for the future. I paint images of beauty and nature that aim to bring positive energy into my clients' homes, offices and other environments. I believe that when living with and enjoying beautiful art, one's state of mind and spirit is uplifted and expanded thereby supporting good health and success. By escaping into a beautiful scene of nature or an artful abstract composition in a painting, the viewer is infused with inspiration and a more expanded and elevated mindset resulting in conditions to contribute to health and success. I believe engagements with beautiful art give hope for the future and a better life.

Cheryl exhibits at:

Crouchers Pt Gallery
Lunenburg Art Gallery
Tiechert Gallery, AGNS (previously called the Art Sales and Rental Gallery)
1274 Hollis Street Art Gallery
Swoon Fine Art & Antiques

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